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  • 5 Literacies of Digital Media Production

    untitled shoot-002It is commonly accepted that teaching Digital Media Production to any student in the world will provide them with an avenue for their voices. But after 5 years of witnessing the students as they learn these skills, both in developed and developing countries, it has become evident that students gain so much more than just a way to tell their stories. Using learners in Cambodia who had little or no exposure previous to technology as a case study, we have identified 5 major literacies that come from Digital Media Production lessons. Read more
  • Skyping with the Elephants: What Second Graders can gain from Skyping

    IMG_2583Any long term traveler will tell you: Skype is a Lifeline to Home. Long gone are the days of expensive, barely audible overseas phone calls. Now, most travelers carry laptops with built-in cameras through which they can see and hear and laugh with their friends and family 1/2 way around the world. But, I was shocked recently by just exactly HOW FAR Skype could reach, and how effortlessly Second Graders born AFTER the invention of Skype could involve themselves in the process… Read more