• 5 Literacies of Digital Media Production

    untitled shoot-002It is commonly accepted that teaching Digital Media Production to any student in the world will provide them with an avenue for their voices. But after 5 years of witnessing the students as they learn these skills, both in developed and developing countries, it has become evident that students gain so much more than just a way to tell their stories. Using learners in Cambodia who had little or no exposure previous to technology as a case study, we have identified 5 major literacies that come from Digital Media Production lessons. Read more
  • iPad2 Video Production in a Burmese Refugee Camp

    Brainstorming-Large-2138-1024x682A core motivation of Global Citizen Media is to see just how far mobile technologies can reach. If an iPad2 can hold a battery charge for 10 hours, is it possible to conduct iPad video workshops in remote villages where there was no electricity? Could the iPad and a little technology education be all that was needed to provide people living in remote regions of the world an opportunity to tell their own stories to the world, to add their voices to the Global Discussion? Read more